Are you having fun? –

 The FUN FACTOR and it’s consequences at work Having fun is not an expectation at most workplaces. And yet we know from many different sources, and Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow is just one of those, that having fun while performing a certain … Continued

Why is JOY the most terrifying emotion?

“When we lose our tolerance to become vulnerable joy becomes foreboding” Brene Brown has done many years worth of research on vulnerability and shame. Here she talks about something very powerful I think it is safe to say we have … Continued

Change is part of Challenge

How could you CHALLENGE yourself to CHANGE in a way that serves you best? How should that change look like? What kind of challenge could it be? Who would notice the change? What would they notice? What is so important about this … Continued

How good are you at recognizing emotions?

Emotional Intelligence has become a serious buzz word recently, I hear it in all walks of life, from everyday conversations over coffee to serious business discussions with a high ranking executive. But what do all these people mean exactly when … Continued