“I would like to thank you again for our training yesterday – it was outstanding!!! I might even say we got further than I had hoped for. In addition to achieving what we set out to do you helped build our team and we could experience each-other’s way of thinking through various contexts and exercises. You’ve won all my respect!!!”

Tamás Kovalik-Deák (Managing Director, Salzgitter Mannesmann International Gmbh Hungary)

“Amina somehow knows what is on my mind before I say it, she is very gifted in her intuition, and she has real power in her questions and the way she uses metaphor.

She has supported me through my journey with the Coaches Business School, and encouraged me to take up my personal challenge to be bold and brave.

I now feel completely confident about growing my coaching business, and I thank Amina for helping me to make that possible.

John Hardwick MSc. ACC (Leadership Coach)

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Amina. Her kindness and bright personality always made a warm and friendly atmosphere.

It was a very important experience for me to sit in the “another” chair and experience how much a good question can help: Amina is really good at this. Her short and concise questions gave me some hard, but ultimately helpful moments.

It has helped me to see a situation REALLY from the outside.”

(Kata Greskovics, Head of Training and Development at Contractums Global)


2015-03-02 09.08.04

“I consider Amina Eperjesi as an exceptional professional, with excellent people skills. She is very attentive, proactive and loaded with a positive attitude that determine people to open up, think, reflect.With her coaching skills helped me and my team members in getting a better understanding of situations/issues, find solutions. It is a privilege to work with her and I kindly recommend her as a trusted professional.”

(Erna Székely, product manager at Salzgitter Mannesmann Acélkereskedelmi Kft)


“For me as a Team Leader and Product Manager to understand the basics of working with and leading our sales team was really challenging and beneficial. I believe, that our common coaching occasions (both individual and team coaching sessions) have contributed to our excellent results in the previous and current year”

(László Kardos, Salzgitter Mannesmann Acélkereskedelmi Kft)



“As a coach she prepared me very well for the series, and approached each of our discussions with clarity and with a clear objective of getting me to set the stage for my own self-improvement. During my 6 sessions with Amina I learnt a lot about myself through her skillful questions and constant probing, even if at times it made me somewhat uncomfortable to answer an uncomfortable question for which I very well knew the answer was one I was avoiding in my inner self. In my view, a good coach is someone who can subtly, discreetly and unobtrusively help the one being coached to dig deep and extract answers to questions which, if addressed truthfully, will make the difference between getting real solutions to real issues, or avoiding them altogether, which makes for such a less rewarding experience. Amina is such a coach. Her professionalism,warmth, friendliness, and real willingness to help, made all the difference. She quickly understood my business environment and could relate to it, making her questions directly relevant. She is highly eloquent, and what really stood out for me apart from her professionalism, was her ability to make me feel very comfortable in the process by building a trusted relationship.”

(Jacques J. de Jager, Country Manager, SpenglerFox)


“Now the tide has turned. I am aware of my knowledge, abilities and skills as well as my shortcomings, when I have to carry out a task. However, now I would like to try myself out so I prompt situations, I am looking for tasks that are adequate to my abilities – not below them – or a bit above my comprehension, and fulfill them on a high level. I am interested in new things, I look for challenges and I feel good. This is much more then what I was longing for when we started working with Amina. I still have difficulties, and I always will, but my approach toward them has changed. I see tasks and I face them with pleasure and I believe I am able to solve them (well).”

(Zsoka, a life coaching client)

“With Amina’s help I was always able to achieve my personal best whether she was instructing me within the framework of an English course or helped me prepare for a special assigment in a matter of days. Amina’s business English coaching is not only effective but highly efficient as well.”

(Peter, banking sector executive)



“I have been participating in Amina’s English Language coaching sessions for over a year. During our cooperation I have been able to understand and correct previous language problems and difficulties I had. Amina is highly professional in her work. It has been exceptionally helpful, that she is a native English speaker and has lived in the US for many years, so I can acquire the vocabulary and expressions of the everyday language. The sessions are interesting and colorful, with lots of fresh and up-to-date material from current events, articles from the media, magazines, news items and everyday happenings, interesting topics connected both to business and private life which Amina cleverly selects and brings to our meetings.”

(Tamas Szorath, CEO, Alveola Kft)