Find your blind spots. Everybody has blind spots.

We all have blind spots, areas of our personality we are not aware of or sometimes are simply not willing to face, because they don’t fit cosily into the image we hold of ourselves. These however, can be pretty dangerous … Continued

Time or Focus matters more in Leadership? –

We often hear leaders complain about how they have such little time, how there isn’t enough time for so many thins like exercise or taking a day off. When I hear this at first I tend to think a leader’s … Continued

Innovation should come from your heart

The best innovations — both socially and economically — come from the pursuit of ideals that are noble and timeless: joy, wisdom, beauty, truth, equality, community, sustainability and, most of all, love.

7 Life Skills

http://http:// 1, Effective Communication                                                     5, Teamwork and Delegation 2, Organization and Management       … Continued

Once again – on happiness!