Why don’t people get what I say..? – Why don’t they do what I tell them?

Communication Roadblocks and why they just don’t work

“You must do this.”  –  “If you don’t do this, then…”  –  “You really ought to try this.”  –  “You are an intelligent person.”

“You speak just like your mother.”  –  “What you really need is…” –  “You’ll feel different tomorrow.”

 Any of these sound familiar? I bet they do, we all use them on a regular basis.

The sad news is, they don’t work.


Here is a great article from Gordon Training International, about what communication roadblocks are and why they obstruct communication. Thomas Gordon gave them the name communication roadblocks, because that’s just what they are. Things we place in the flow of communication that block access and don’t let the information pass from sender to receiver.